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Remember that one time we tried to have fun?

The 5 Hardest Parts of Having 3 Under 3

5. The loneliness. It’s hard to connect with other adults, even other moms.  It seems like everyone’s got their opinion, and no matter who you talk to, something about what you’ve done or are doing is wrong. So while one comment here and there might not seem like a big deal, comment-after-comment-after-suggestion-after-advice feels a little […]

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“Were We Ready for This?”: Welcoming Our Third Child (Birth Story Series)

I’ve always been a planner. But when it came to family and having kids, my planning never worked. My husband and I had talked about having three children, but it was never set in stone. Our second child, Lola, had just turned one so there was no rush to add a third child just yet. […]

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To My Middle Child

Don’t worry, I see you there. Craning your neck to see what your big brother is doing, while I kick my swollen feet onto the ottoman. I hear you squeal–with glee, frustration, hunger–and realize that by the time your brother was this age, he had mastered three baby signs. I hear you talk to yourself in your […]

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