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Fireplace Safety with Kids

Fireplace Safety with Kids: Our Story

Finally, we are entering a cooler season in Indiana, complete with pumpkin spice everything, boots with leggings (what I refer to as amateur equestrian garb), and ridiculous chunky scarves that look like a furry, outer-space caterpillar swallowed someone’s head. For many, this dip in temperature also means it’s time to stoke up our indoor fireplaces […]

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The Day The School Lost My Son.

As a parent, I have always been lead to believe that you are supposed to trust those whose sole responsibility is to take care of your children and keep them safe.  However, there are things that can occur that force you to lose faith and result in you being constantly terrified.  On Halloween of 2017, […]

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“Ask Before You Touch”: Raising Kids To Understand Consent

Recently I was reading an article a mom wrote about her family rules. Some of the rules were pretty standard: clean up after yourself, finish your homework before bed, etc. But there was one rule that set her family apart: “Ask before you touch.” I finished reading and sat there dumbfounded, as I had never really given this much […]

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Childhood Unsupervised: A Thing of The Past?

Motherhood used to involve currently-ludicrous concepts like letting your children play outside unsupervised or walk to school alone. This gave mom and kids a chance to live a few moments of life without each others consuming presence. Freedom allowed adults to have adult conversations (or a bit of alone time), children to have crucial unsupervised […]

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