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I’m Mommy, Not the Nanny

Not the Nanny “Are you the nanny?” When we chose to adopt and expand our family, we made the conscious choice not to limit our adoption through race. Don’t mistake that choice as an oversimplification. Great thought has been put into this choice and the ways in which social constructs challenge this decision. Brutally Honest […]

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Let’s Talk About Race

Trigger Warning: racism, maternal mortality Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Civil Rights hero. He is a modern-day legend, remembered for his messages of love, of working toward a peaceful revolution against injustice. Because there is a focus of remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. for his message of peace, the tensions that formed the message, [...]
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Where Do We Go From Here? Teaching Our Kids About Hate, Race, and Their Futures

Alton Sterling has died. Alton Sterling was shot by a police man, while on the ground. Alton Sterling was Black. I am a multiracial mom raising three kids just outside of Indianapolis. I easily pass for white, or at least racially ambiguous, and have my whole life. My racial identity always straddles two worlds: caught […]

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