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My Kid Refuses to Potty at School

My family is currently weathering a season of big change. This winter will bring a new baby brother or sister for our 3.5-year-old daughter, and she’s three weeks into transitioning from a relaxed in-home daycare to a structured preschool. She’s been attending full-time daycare since she was three months old, so I wasn’t expecting the […]

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The Puppy and the Preschooler

Just when I was beginning to get my life sorted out, I went and messed it up again… I got a puppy. To go along with the 4-year-old who already wrecks my house. The Backstory My old dog Paige passed away last September from lymphoma. She was 10 years old, and had been “my girl” […]

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The reason I stay at home, my little man Damon. Photo by Sarah Lu Photography

I’m SAHM Lonely

Life as a SAHM Life as a Stay at Home Mom or SAHM is not glamorous and is often times lonely. For an introverted mother, such as me, it has been a lonely couple of years staying home with my son. He is awesome and amazing, but he lacks life experience and conversation skills to […]

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Today I don’t want to be Mom- From the Trenches of Motherhood

Today is hard. Nothing in-particular has gone drastically wrong; sometimes it’s just hard. My 3 1/2 year old is acting his age and throwing milestone-appropriate tantrums and fits. His demands are rapid-fire and they are many. He feels everything VERY deeply and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Like, for example…his favorite socks are in […]

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Wanna Play?

Anxiety of The After-School Playdate

I went to my first official school meeting this month in preparation for sending our soon-to-be 5-year-old off to Kindergarten in August. The introductory information meeting was for parents to start getting used to the basic surroundings, meet the principal, and get a feel for the process of sending their child off into the world. I was excited for the […]

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