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The Radish Story

“What have we done?” I said in a whisper, tears stinging my red, cold cheeks. I was distraught. “We should have waited.” “Honey, you had no idea it was going to start snowing, the forecast didn’t call for it, they will be fine.” I was not convinced from my husband’s testimony. I sat silent in […]

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This is a picture of Kayden on 4/27/17 in Riley Children's hospital ER.

Epilepsy: Three Toddlers and One Mom’s Perspective

Epilepsy: Three toddlers and one mom’s perspective There are awful moments in everyone’s life that just stick with you. Moments that when thought about can be replayed in the mind just like watching your favorite emotional Netflix movie. It can be turned on with a click, never changes, but still elicits the same emotional response […]

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Mommy Hour: My Time to Be Selfish

As a mom to a child that recently entered his toddler phase, I have to watch a lot of television shows that make me want to punch Elmo in the face. Blippi, the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, good ol’ Sesame Street, you name it. And in the month of September, the calendar is full of […]

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Teenage friendship

Helping Our Children Learn to Build Healthy Relationships.

Relationships are the most fulfilling and essential part of a happy life. Yet, building healthy relationships with family, friends and romantic partners is not easy. After 38 years of trial and error, many kissed frogs, tears, breakups, broken friendships, mended friendships, drifted friendships, deep hurt, healing, personal growth, self-awareness, humility and acceptance, I have learned […]

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