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Give Yourself Some Dang Grace!

Ladies, mamas, why are we so hard on ourselves? Let me tell ya, I have learned some lessons over these last two years since I had my son, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to give myself some grace. Pre-kiddo, I never thought about my mental health and how motherhood would end up changing […]

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The Five: An Exercise in Gratitude

Last week my dear friend sent a message to a long-running group text reminding us that there were only 90 days left of the 2010s. It led to a discussion of goals, both personal and group-oriented, and it was suggested we try to focus on things we are thankful for each day. To be honest, […]

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What Truly Matters

Breastfeeding is one of those terms that almost everyone (male or female) are familiar with. While everyone knows what the term means, not everyone feels the same about it. Some are devoutly pro-breastfeeding, a smaller percentage may be anti-breastfeeding, and some people are just plain offended by it (insert eye roll), or on the fence […]

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Being Fulfilled. What If Being a SAHM Is All I’m Supposed to Do?

  I have always been a dreamer. I love a good goal setting session, a vision board, or just a few hours alone with my thoughts to spin myself an entirely new or improved life. Usually, that includes my professional future. I’ve been accepted to law school, applied to countless master’s programs, and currently receive […]

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Make Some Memories

As a working mother, I typically feel like I am in a constant state of chaos. The hours that I have to devote to cleaning and organizing are few and far between. I have come to the realization that unless I am given one full day alone, in my house for a minimum of ten […]

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“Okay is Great” – A New Approach for an Overachieving Mommy

When Pinterest was at its peak, I was not yet a mom. But, I still remember wanting to have an incredibly cute nursery for my future baby, like the photos I saw, and make bento-style lunches for when my then-non-existent child went to school. I didn’t want to do these things because other moms were […]

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Four Ways to Turn the Day Around

Mommin’ ain’t easy. You know it, I know it, the neighbor that can hear you yelling from across the street knows it. Some days are light and airy, with snuggles and perfect Instagram pictures filled with natural light. It’s like the world sees all the hard work you’re putting into your family and decides to […]

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