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Grandama Mo playing with her youngest grandkids.

The Grandma I Hardly Knew, And Why My Daughter Will Do Better

I’ve always been jealous of women who have strong relationships with their grandma. I know several friends who confide everything in theirs, and who turn to her for counsel on life decisions big and small. But I can’t remember having one meaningful conversation with mine. Unfortunately, it’s too late to fix that. My maternal grandmother, […]

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Amy and Parker Adams 1

Celebrating Heroic Moms This Mother’s Day, Part II {Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual}

When you talk to Amy Adams, you can’t help but smile. She has one of those contagiously energetic and upbeat personalities and I could sense her positive disposition immediately, even through the phone. You’d never guess upon talking to her that Amy’s 11-year-old son Parker battles childhood cancer. This Mother’s Day, our friends at Northwestern Mutual, […]

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Tammy and Phoenix Bridegroom 1

Celebrating Heroic Moms This Mother’s Day {Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual}

. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives.  We know that motherhood is an incredible experience.  From the moment you lay eyes on your child, your heart swells with an indescribable amount of love.  And it continues to grow with each member that you bring into the family.  But […]

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Motherhood indianapolis

The Voice of Motherhood

Recently I sent out a survey posing questions about your motherhood experience: what surprised you the most about becoming a mother, the best and worst part, hopes and fears. The response was fantastic and I loved reading your replies. What I found most refreshing and, actually comforting, was that the answers were so similar across the board. […]

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