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A Stay-At-Home-Feminist

We’re all feminists, right? We believe all people should be treated equally regardless of sex. But, can you stay at home to care for your children while financially relying on your spouse and still consider yourself a feminist? This is the conundrum that began plaguing my mind when I decided to quit my job and […]

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Give Yourself Some Dang Grace!

Ladies, mamas, why are we so hard on ourselves? Let me tell ya, I have learned some lessons over these last two years since I had my son, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to give myself some grace. Pre-kiddo, I never thought about my mental health and how motherhood would end up changing […]

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A Love Letter to Falling Asleep on the Couch

Dearest Couch, As the clock strikes 9:53, you begin your sultry seduction. I gaze longingly in your direction, eyeing the sumptuous heft of your fluffy blankets and soft throw pillow. I think about how your smooth microfiber would feel on my bare toes as I stretched into you and finally let go of the day. […]

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Motherhood is…

Being a mom is a mind-blowing experience. It’s the most complex, overwhelming, heart-bursting and heart-wrenching thing that has ever happened to me, and I find myself struggling on a daily basis to flow with the waves of change and keep myself centered. My mind is flooded with all sorts of questions, simple ones that seem […]

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The Traveling Husband

Alright, mommas, I am going to get super real here and be blatantly honest about my marriage with a traveling husband. We all acknowledge that marriage is hard. Adding children to a marriage absolutely makes it more difficult. When you add a husband that is in and out of the house for days or weeks […]

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