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The Five: An Exercise in Gratitude

Last week my dear friend sent a message to a long-running group text reminding us that there were only 90 days left of the 2010s. It led to a discussion of goals, both personal and group-oriented, and it was suggested we try to focus on things we are thankful for each day. To be honest, […]

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“That” Mom

If you are anything like me, there may be a stereotypical type of “mom” that you wish you were like. Maybe it’s a friend who seems to always have it together. Maybe it’s a co-worker who somehow juggles motherhood and a career with ease, or a mom in your child’s playgroup who is always on […]

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Mommy Hour: My Time to Be Selfish

As a mom to a child that recently entered his toddler phase, I have to watch a lot of television shows that make me want to punch Elmo in the face. Blippi, the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, good ol’ Sesame Street, you name it. And in the month of September, the calendar is full of […]

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Throw Perfection Out the Window

Before kids, I left the house showered with my hair and makeup complete, house picked up in case a neighbor stopped by, and dinner was prepped and ready to be cooked.  Now, as a mother of a busy 1-year-old, my life doesn’t quite look the same. Yet, I still have the need and desire to […]

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