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A Love Letter To My Neighborhood

                                             Dear Irvington, It’s been 10 years now, and I grow to love you more each day. I was single when we first met. I bought a two bedroom bungalow on a sleepy little street on your northwest side. I loved your quaint historic architecture, your history and your winding, tree-lined streets. You felt like my […]

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8 Basic Tips for Moving and Selling Your Home

When it’s all said and done, my husband and I have packed up our belongings and moved a combined total of 28 times since we left home to attend college. Most of those times have been moving out of dorms/apartments for the summer and then moving back to college. However, since getting married in 2008, […]

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Close to Home

When I was six, I convinced my little brother to join my club.  For his contribution of nine dollars, he could be vice-president, while I was president, secretary, and treasurer.  Even though I only contributed a dollar myself, as the treasurer, it was my responsibility to ensure our money was spent in an appropriate manner, […]

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