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How Did I Get Here?

Come with me on this. Grab a coffee and relax. Picture yourself at 15. You just created your finest game of MASH known to man. Will you end up with a Hanson brother or maybe Adam Levine? Here comes your fate, except for a brief second you can see your future- it’s right there – […]

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I Just Met You

Baby Girl, I Just Met You

Have you seen the viral video of the latest Michael Buble song? If you haven’t, grab the tissues. Know that you’ve been warned. If you’re strong enough to hold out, just don’t watch it. I caved last week and quickly dissolved into a pile of mush. Of all the times to listen to this song, […]

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What Truly Matters

Breastfeeding is one of those terms that almost everyone (male or female) are familiar with. While everyone knows what the term means, not everyone feels the same about it. Some are devoutly pro-breastfeeding, a smaller percentage may be anti-breastfeeding, and some people are just plain offended by it (insert eye roll), or on the fence […]

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We Aren’t Supposed to Talk About This

A fellow blogger recently posted a meme: “Whatever you’re most scared to write about…write that.” I saw that and thought, wow, how appropriate: It reinforced I should proceed with what I had been thinking about writing about for such a long time, but delayed because the topic involves something unsettling, and something we aren’t really […]

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Throw That Birth Plan out the Window: An Imperfect Birth Story

My birth story starts as you would typically expect.  I was a week overdue and scheduled for an induction.  My husband and I arrived at the hospital giddy with excitement.  We had our bags packed, checklists in hand and birth plan ready to go.  As a type A personality and a closet control freak I thought […]

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Anticipatory Grief and the Special Needs Parent

Being a parent to children with disabilities comes with its challenges. There are various therapies, medical appointments, insurance battles, and endless piles of paperwork. These things are expected and have become a routine part of everyday life. What is difficult are the unexpected challenges and emotions that accompany the life of parenting a child whose […]

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