Practice Safe Sleep : Follow the ABCs {Sponsored by Indiana University Health North Hospital}

We would like to thank our sponsors at Indiana University North Hospital for sharing this information with our families!

Indiana University Health and the Indianapolis Colts have partnered to provide HALO SleepSlack Swaddles to parents of babies born at Indiana University Health hospitals, including Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health North Hospital, in an effort to reduce Indiana’s high infant mortality rate.

When used properly, HALO SleepSlack Swaddles ensure safe sleep and reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, one of the top three causes of infant death in Indiana and nationwide. Sudden infant death syndrome is the sudden, unexpected death of an infant. SIDS most commonly occurs within a period of sleep.  According to the CDC, about 3,500 infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in the United States.


HALO SleepSlack Swaddles     Chris Bergin / IU Health Visual Media

A HALO SleepSlack Swaddle is a blanket swaddle that replaces loose blankets in the crib, which can cover a baby’s face and cause breathing problems. HALO SleepSlack Swaddles help keep a baby warm and can soothe a fussy baby by providing a sense of security. Swaddling newborns often helps them sleep longer by preventing sudden movements that can cause them to wake. The HALO SleepSlack Swaddles come with the familiar Riley Hospital for Children red wagon and iconic Colts horseshoe embroidered on the front – another reminder to place baby on his or her back to sleep.

IU Health encourages parents to follow the ABCs of safe sleep: All by myself, on my Back, in my Crib. By teaching families how to practice safe sleep habits, the goal is to increase positive outcomes for Hoosier babies.

Why is safe sleep so important?

How your baby sleeps has an effect on his risk of a sleep-related death. The ABCs of safe sleep can help you understand and remember the most important things to do to keep him safe.

 Why use a sleep sack?

  • Loose blankest in the crib can cover your baby’s face and cause breathing problems.
  • Swaddling is a great way to soothe and calm a fussy baby. It gives a feeling of security – like when in the womb.
  • A newborn cannot control his body temperature like an adult. Swaddling keeps him warm.
  • Swaddling often helps a baby sleep longer. It prevents sudden movements (startle reflex) that can cause him to wake up. Do not swaddle your baby after he is two months old.


For questions regarding this topic, or any of the topics covered in our Childbirth Education classes, contact Diana Garino RN, LCCE, Coordinator, Childbirth & Inpatient Education for IU Health North Hospital at 317.688.2465 or [email protected].

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