St. Patrick’s Day: Before Kids Vs. After


It’s no secret that life changes drastically when you have kids, but perhaps one of the biggest changes is how you celebrate certain holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day. The following are a few ways in which this day has changed over the years:


Then: Get up early to run a St. Patrick’s themed 5k

Now: Get up early because your kids are totally screwed up from Daylight Savings Time


baby-845602__340Then: Deck yourself out in green and shamrocks

Now: Deck your kids out in green and shamrocks and dress yourself in the same yoga pants and top you’ve worn for two days


Then: Look up all the hottest bars that will be serving green beer

Now: Look up St. Patrick’s Day crafts on Pinterest


Then: Drink green beer

Now: Drink homemade shamrock shakes that you make for your kids using spinach, knowing this is likely the only day of the year you can trick them into eating spinach


thThen: Bar Crawl

Now: Leprechaun Hunt


Then: End up at a parade. Have the time of your life

Now: Load the kids in the car and head to the parade. Stress out about parking, freeze your butt off.


Then: Down copious amounts of alcohol with friends and stay out until the wee hours of the morning

Now: Have two glasses of wine and pass out on the couch watching Netflix before 10pm


We hope you have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers!


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