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Motherhood post picRecently I sent out a survey posing questions about your motherhood experience: what surprised you the most about becoming a mother, the best and worst part, hopes and fears. The response was fantastic and I loved reading your replies. What I found most refreshing and, actually comforting, was that the answers were so similar across the board. It was so clear that we all hope, worry, and wish for the same things in regard to our children.

In this era of social media and virtual connectedness, you can instantly connect to millions of mothers with the swipe of a finger and read about the latest baby gadget, gush over adorable photos, or simply vent about the challenges of being a parent. It would appear this generation of mothers should be closer than ever. At times I wonder if that’s the case. The same freedoms and platforms that allow us to connect, unfortunately often result in disconnect; with hurtful comments I question would be so openly shared face to face. The ability to “hide” behind an online persona somehow translates into permission to be disrespectful. When did it become okay to chastise, harshly criticize, and openly berate someone for the parenting choices they make? There is no one right way to do this parenting gig, and let’s be honest, we’re ALL trying to figure it out as we go along.

We all wonder if we’re doing it right; which is likely why the need to defend ourselves is so strong. Of course we want to believe the choices we make are the right ones. That’s human nature. But it should stop there. We make decisions for our children because we know them best. Passing judgment without knowledge is the assumption that you understand their unique situation better…and you know what they say about assuming…(!)

So instead of a call to arms, let’s choose a cease fire. Instead of tearing each other down, let’s lift each other up. Because I believe if there’s one thing we want our sons and daughters to learn from us, it’s how to be kind and choose love. And based on the responses in the survey, that’s what you want too.

The video below highlights some of your responses. Thank you for all you do, Moms. It’s an honor for us contributors to serve as a voice on behalf of motherhood. In celebration of Mother’s Day, here is your voice:

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