Counting Down Until Election Day is Over – A House Divided

Can this election be over already? I know you are with me. Everyone has to be feeling it now.

donkey-1725231_1920Beyond the drama of each sad debate, the social media tirades, and every news channels’ spin, you can’t escape the political nonsense that has become our reality.  Never before has there been such crazy rhetoric and he said, she said claims.

Beginning the year by watching both coverage from either side, trying to educate ourselves on the complete picture, we naively think we are adults and can calmly discuss and argue our stance — but no – no we can’t.  Watching news and debates together ends in arguments and even tears when you can’t comprehend how can they not see your side. It’s been a slippery slope, and by the end I’m mentally physically exhausted by trying to have a conversation with someone who isn’t even speaking the same language as I am. And what makes this even more exhausting is this person isn’t a stranger on Facebook- it’s my husband. This election year has been an awakening to the fact that we don’t have the same political- and maybe even moral- viewpoints. 

Our house is a house divided.

Dinnertime discussions about daily news have been completely eliminated from our kitchen table. I just don’t know what to say when my 5 year old says, “Daddy says Hillary is a crook she elephant-670645_1920should go to jail,” or my 3 year old asks, “Why is Trump is a bad man?” In a way, these questions make it clear to me that we have not been good role models during this election season, but at the same time I don’t even know how to begin explaining some of this to our children. I want them to have an open mind and not really guide them either way so they can ultimately make up their own minds, but isn’t it also my job to provide them with a moral compass? I’ve resigned to stick with what age appropriate information is available: we talk about the importance of government and electing someone to be a leader that has the best intentions for us and for the country. In many ways, I hope adults also remember to treat each other with civility and respect as we all count down until election day.

Have you had similar issues with your loved ones? Tell us how it’s affected you and your family.

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