The Power of Motherhood: We Will Rise Above Silence

Power. Either Spider-Man or Voltaire (casual 18th Century French philosopher reference) said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” (And, actually, it wasn’t Spider-Man, it was Uncle Ben).  Unfortunately, being powerful and popular can be two different things. The act of being powerful can be unsettling and scary: we’re just not used to it. As moms, it’s easy to “stay in our lane”: diapers, stroller brands, school schedules. And as a blogging platform for and by moms, we know these are important topics: they’re relevant to us and they’re relevant to our readers. But we also know we aren’t one-dimensional. We are a group of writers who love our children and our city, and have identities comprised of a million different roles, ideas, beliefs, and values.

So here we are. We know we have a massive platform: we reach thousands and thousands of social-media users daily. We affect conversations surrounding motherhood, gender issues, and social society at large. So we have decided that in 2017, this is our moment. Today, we are unleashing our power, and we are using it to inspire you to unleash yours. 

Look, we know it’s not easy being powerful. It’s not easy standing up to the mom who didn’t invite your kid to their birthday party, or the jerk next to you on an airplane complaining that your baby is acting like, you know, a baby. It’s not easy seeing perfect parties on Pinterest and perfect bodies on Instagram. and hearing so many opinions and criticisms of how you could be doing it better. It’s not easy to stand up to the many things that affect you and your children.

But you’re powerful anyway, and we are committed in 2017 to encouraging you to use your power in all the spaces you occupy by sharing ours…

My power lies in my ability to speak up, even when I’m uncomfortable. I have practiced and honed this power in many classrooms where I didn’t think I was smart enough to be. -Nickie

My power lies in my ability to be strong and soft at the same time -Candace

My power lies in my profession as a public school teacher- my ability to be an advocate for my students, my own children, and the future of this country. -Kait 

My power lies in the magic I make. I literally grew a human. I am magical. -Candace 

My power lies in my seemingly boundless ability to survive whatever crap is thrown at me, even when I feel like my world is coming to an end. -Tanya

My power is naming my truth. My power is lifting others up. My power is love. -Lauren  

My power lies in the way I stand up for myself. -Candace

My power is equal. -Nikki

My power lies in my ability to learn to laugh and love after so many years of depression and low self-esteem. -Samantha

My power lies in my ability to touch lives through art. My power lies in my ability to overcome anorexia and nourish my body every day. My power lies in my ability to fight for those who have been marginalized and oppressed. -Frances

My power lies in staring down my fears until they dissolve. My power lies in putting my oxygen mask on first. My power lies in standing up to bullies of all shapes, sizes, and positions. –Tara

My power lies in having survived a toxic childhood. My power lies in being excited to see my kids happy. 

My power lies in motherhood and my decision-making as the person making 99% of the purchases in our home. My power lies in refusing to be silent, even when others want me to. My power lies in how I love and raise my children to affect the world. My power lies in falling and failing and getting back up every. damn. time. 

Tell us. Where does your power lie?

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