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I’m not going to lie. Some days I feel like I’m entitled. Entitled to whine and complain, to eat carbs in my sweatpants or head-out with girlfriends and unwind from our real lives.  That is, if my husband is not working, or I can find an actual babysitter over 12 that doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s when I decided to pair whine with wine. Not advocating drinking your problems away, but on occasion a little drink, (or few), can you give the permission you need to let go of the little stuff!

Case in point:

  • When in the same week your car’s check engine light flashes on, your crawl space sump pump needs replaced, and your 1970’s fixer-upper is in need of a brand new air conditioner, then you find out your company is not giving out bonuses this year. Whine and wine worthy!
  • Child A is physically vomiting in your hand while your dog is trying to lick it up, all while child B is screaming at the top of her lungs “Mommy my ipad isn’t working!” Wine worthy!
  • When your husband tells you that your brother-in-law is moving in for a few months – starting tomorrow…Whine and wine worthy!
  • “Mommy why are you wearing your pj pants outside?” or the ever popular “do you have a baby in your tummy?” Whine worthy!

If you find yourself pairing a whine with a wine, here is a short list of some of my favorite local wineries to get and your friends started!

Buck Creek Winery  (Indianapolis) – Open year round and tastings are available for only $5! The cool thing is guests can sample six wines of their choosing. My girlfriends and I spent took part in a “Wine for the Cure” event there, sitting on their backpatio partaking in some of their selections – they have 30+ wines in their rotation.

Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant  (Indianapolis) – Head on over to 96th street restaurant and with no reservation required taste up to 8 different wines! I’m actually going over there next week to try some more myself! Their Mascato is my #1 pick when I when bringing a wine to a friend’s house!

Corner Wine Bar (Broadripple/Indianapolis) Another friend favorite is hitting up the Corner Wine Bar in Broadripple before or after a night out of dinner. The vibe is very classic and timeless and in year’s past has been voted Best Wine Bar in Indy by Nuvo; definitely one to check-out!

Easley Winery (Indianapolis) –  With daily wine tastings offering 7 samplings for only $5.00, Easley Winery is Indiana’s oldest family-owned winery! I’ve seen them pour at many wine festivals downtown and I love that they are always encouraging folks to #drinklocal.

Peace Water Winery  (Carmel) – This is one of my favorite local places to hit with the girls – the hip décor, chill outdoor patio, which has live music on weekends and btw they don’t even care if you order pizza down the street and bring it in! Peace Water has a wonderful red, Nirvana Cabernet Sauvignon which my husband and I loved. The best part about this place is whenever you buy a bottle you get a token to indicate which charity on their “Give Wall”  you’d like a portion of the profits to go to. Drink and give = a win, win in my book!

Peace Water Winery

Peace Water Winery

Oliver Winery  (Bloomington) – Some of the best on a budget in my opinion, Oliver offers tastings Mon-Sat: 10-6pm and Sun 12-6pm. They are having a special social promotion right now to celebrate Mothers Day! The photo contest going on now, enters you to win a Wine Lovers Basket valued at over $200 simply by tagging a photo of you and your mom at the winery!

Vintage Indiana

Vintage Indiana

BONUS EVENT: Taste the Experience at Vintage Indiana, the 17th annual wine event downtown Indy is on June 4th this year in Military Park, downtown Indianapolis. Admission tickets are $50 in advance only.  Designated Driver tickets are $10 – which is awesome!

For a full listing of Indiana-area wineries Indianawines.org had it all; for those of us who aren’t up on all the fancy wine terms there’s even a handy go-to page.

So of course drink responsibly, and btw I highly recommend Uber on your wine tasting outings. Report back – tell us which wineries you like by commenting on your most memorable experience at an Indiana winery, we’d love to hear it!

And yes – I would like cheese with my whine.

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