3 Under 3: Sorry I’m Not Sorry

When I first found out I was pregnant with this current baby, I texted a couple friends pictures of the test–very sincerely thinking they were going to tell me nothing was there. Instead the responses I got were (hilariously, in retrospect): “Are you okay?” “…Congratulations?” I was so embarrassed for having gotten pregnant again, so […]

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Bringing Home Baby {The Baby Stuff You Actually Need}

When I was pregnant with my son four years ago, I was over-prepared. Or so I thought. The nursery was painted and decorated long before his arrival, fancy baby clothes hung in his closet, the last remaining registry items had been purchased, and bouncers, play mats, and adorable handmade blankets littered our apartment. We were ready. […]

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In Defense of Pinterest {My Son’s First Birthday}

Over the past several years, I’ve read countless Facebook posts and Mom’s forums critiquing how much pressure Pinterest puts on women to have the picture-perfect life–the perfect house, the perfect sense of style, the perfect workout regime; the naysayers’ list goes on and on. I get it; you feel like pressure’s already being thrown at […]

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dog meets baby

Furry Firstborns: When Dog Meets Baby

When my husband, Jeff, and I picked up our brand new Miniature Schnauzer puppy on a snowy day in 2006, we learned her breeders had given her a rather unique nickname. “Persnickety is an interesting little lady. You guys are in for a wild ride!” they proclaimed. “But she’s a sweet and loyal one, that’s for […]

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Social Media & Births

Social Media and Births: Please Don’t Introduce Baby Before I Do

Every once in a while I hear about a post on Facebook where an over-eager friend or family member has made a birth announcement and/or shared photos of a new baby before the parents have. If you’ve shared an announcement with permission from the parents, fantastic! Consider yourself an extremely valued member of the new parents’ lives. […]

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Untitled design-4

To My Middle Child

Don’t worry, I see you there. Craning your neck to see what your big brother is doing, while I kick my swollen feet onto the ottoman. I hear you squeal–with glee, frustration, hunger–and realize that by the time your brother was this age, he had mastered three baby signs. I hear you talk to yourself in your […]

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