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Am I a MOMpreneur?

I was a part of an online discussion lately about the term MOMpreneur. Someone asked about the word, and the responses were really mixed. Some identified with it, while others called it things like “demeaning” or “sexist.” Others fell somewhere in the middle and didn’t think the term was terrible, but also associated it with […]

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The Last Pregnancy

The Last Pregnancy

Baby #3. It seems like just a few weeks ago, I looked down at those two pink lines and couldn’t believe my luck. Party of 5, my dream coming true. There I was, 4 weeks pregnant and ready to do it all again one more time. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing that […]

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Devour Indy : A Dining Experience

It’s that time of year again – Devour Indy is back for the winter edition of the ultimate dining experience in the Indianapolis area! Now is the perfect time to support a variety of local establishments around our city. Devour Indy features over 200 local restaurants offering three course meals, value priced meals from January […]

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Imperfect Me

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? I see my biggest critic looking right square at me. I don’t like my body. Never have, and if I’m being raw, I’m not sure I will ever find comfort in my own skin. This is not a new battle for me. Perceptions of my body image started as […]

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A Stay-At-Home-Feminist

We’re all feminists, right? We believe all people should be treated equally regardless of sex. But, can you stay at home to care for your children while financially relying on your spouse and still consider yourself a feminist? This is the conundrum that began plaguing my mind when I decided to quit my job and […]

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Casolaro Family 2019

The Closet Hot Mess Mom

  Sometime after my twin daughters were born in November of 2014, a switch flipped for me. Before their arrival I couldn’t care less about leaving the house without makeup or venturing out in some sorry excuse for athleisure but after their arrival, there was a sudden intrinsic need to be presentable. Actually, I needed […]

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2020: The Year of Me

For the last however many years, I’ve tried to play along to make New Year’s Resolutions, to be able to share it all over social media to hold myself accountable and really put out there that I am doing something to better myself for next year. “I’ll lose weight in 2017.” “I’ll be more financially […]

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