Personal device and social media boundaries for children and teens

Teens and Technology: Setting Healthy Smartphone and Social Media Boundaries

Today’s parents of teenagers are faced with a challenge unique to our generation. We didn’t grow up with smartphones or tablets, and social media is not even two decades old. We are only now beginning to realize the longterm effects of this technology on our culture, personal mental health, productivity and families. In fact, many […]

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Being a Work from Home Mom Is Awesome… and Awful

Ya, I said it. It’s the sweetest gig and the most challenging of my life, all wrapped into one. I love my business, I love my son – I don’t love being everything, all at once, all the time. Before we were even considering having children, my ex-husband and I discussed how we wanted them […]

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Taking the Time in a Hurried World

Today while leaving the Chick-fil-a drive-thru, I stopped and noticed a slow-moving grandmother with what I assumed were her daughter and granddaughters. I smiled politely and said, “Go ahead!” to which the younger woman responded “It might take us awhile!” with a stressed look on her face. I smiled and explained there was no hurry. […]

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April Guide to Family Events in and around Indianapolis

Sunshine and rain showers and springtime, oh my! Here is our April round up of our favorite family events (and events for parents looking for a nice night out!) right here in Indianapolis and surrounding areas!   Indianapolis Moms Blog Events April 29th 1:30-4:00pm Bloom:: An Event to Celebrate Motherhood We couldn’t be happier that […]

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City Mom Raising a City Baby

Well, I guess my title is a little untrue given I grew up in rural Indiana and rarely stepped foot into the “big city”.  I am talking straight up, small town. I graduated with only 45 people in my class, so moving to Downtown Indianapolis was a bit of a shock for me. I remember […]

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woman running

Can I run again as a Mom?

Five years ago, I became a mom.  A single mom. True meaning of what I am supposed to do was brought into my life. But before becoming a mom, I was a runner. I was a member of four running groups that I ran with on a weekly basis plus a mountain bike crew one day […]

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