Dear Mama, Take the Trip

Dear mama, take the trip. Almost four years into parenthood, I can count on one hand the number of trips I’ve taken without my kids. Taking a break from our new way of life is not something we moms do on a whim. Months of careful planning, childcare arranging, and money saving lead up to […]

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toddler schedule

Life with a Toddler on a Schedule

Like so many other first-time moms, I read everything I could get my hands on when I first had my son. I was able to take advantage of late night feedings and long cluster feeding sessions by looking up all the advice on anything I could. If it were a new development for our baby that week, I’d […]

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mom friend

How to Make a Mom Friend

Wouldn’t you love a simple “friend” to-do list that you could check off and then voila! You would have a new mom BFF. I understand that it is not that simple, but I was hoping a few suggestions might help us connect with other mothers and ultimately make a mom friend. Let me start by […]

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For Maddie: Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet

Saying Hello and Goodbye to a Family Pet My Maddie, I am never going to be ready to say goodbye to her. She was my family before I was married and before I had children. The first moment I saw her she was a 12-week old kitten hanging upside down from a pink shoelace in a […]

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istock backpack kids

5 Tips for Healthier Kids This School Year

While parenting styles differ, one thing all parents can agree on is this: we want healthy kids! After more than ten years working with families to achieve this goal, I’ve found these five tips to be most impactful in accomplishing this mission. #1: Routines, Habits, and Mindset Routines and habits are great for everyone. Kids […]

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Turning an Ex Into Something Extraordinary: A Message to my Ex-husband’s Family

Divorce is awful. It’s not something people plan for or wish to endure. It’s a circumstance that involves broken dreams, heartache, and severed relationships. Divorce is the ending of a marriage but it dissolves more relationships than just that. In divorce, what happens to the “In-Laws” and the relatives you gain in marriage? Do you […]

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