My Son Was a Victim of Baby Role Play: Internet Safety Tips with Indianapolis Moms Blog

My Son Was A Victim of Baby Role-Play :: How to Keep Your Family Safe On the Internet

Like so many other people, our phones and cameras were with us in the delivery room. Within hours of our son’s birth we had posted a photo of his fuzzy newborn head to Facebook with birth stats for friends and family to see. At the time we were living 5 and 6 hours from our […]

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6 Tips forStyling

6 Tips for Styling Boys

As Easter approaches, I walk through the store and my eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful, colorful section of adorable girls’ dresses. Then, if I blink, I miss the tiny section of boys’ clothes. The options for dress clothes are usually khaki pants, a few neutral dress shirts, a brown belt, and if you’re […]

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Easy Easter Crafts

In a playgroup with seven little ones under the age of one, it’s essential that any crafts we do are capable of being created one-handed. It’s a bonus if they are also cute, easy and cheap. This year’s easy Easter crafts ticked every box and are adorable enough to adorn the walls for years to […]

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Beyond “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom”: Defending My Natural Birth Plan

As I sit here, my 37-weeks-pregnant feet propped up on pillows and computer perched precariously on my ever-disappearing lap, the imminent arrival of this squirmy first baby of mine is clearly top of mind. Every few hours, a bubble of fear-laced excitement rises up hard in my throat, accompanied by a simple mantra: “You will meet […]

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