Partying with Friends Pre-Kids vs Post-Kids

Who doesn’t love a great party or a night out with girlfriends?!  When we’re young…heck even simply before kids, we loved to go out and create nights to remember!  Memories you still laugh about as you look back fondly on the nights when you stayed out all night to come home and make mac and cheese, hot dog, baked bean, hot sauce whatever at 3 am and ate it all without hesitation!  When you would talk to random strangers and end up making more friends by the end of the night.  When you would get locked out of hotel rooms and deal with the front desk until 4 am only to yell at the security guard to open the kitchen back up to bring you chicken fingers and give you a room they DID have a working key to!  Point is, you had fun!  Then you had kids and the partying changed drastically!  Here is a fun list of some of the differences between partying with your friends pre kids vs post kids!  Have a laugh at it!

Then:  Begin a party at 2 pm and it could easily go until 6 am with everyone happy.

Now:  Begin a party at 2 pm and everyone is melting down and throwing in the towel…and the kids into the van by 6 pm!

Then:  Spending 3 hours getting ready to go out with your girlfriends for the night was a perfectly acceptable use of your time.

Now:  Trying to spend 3 hours awake after the kids go to bed…in pajamas…watching a movie,and texting all those girlfriends about the latest poop incident is now a perfectly acceptable use of your time!  

Then:  Wearing heels when out with your girlfriends no matter how bad your feet hurt.

Now:  Wearing yoga pants when out with your girlfriends because they are so dang comfortable!

Then:  Packing the contents of your closet and makeup drawers for the shortest, but greatest weekend getaway!

Now:  Packing…who are we kidding-we will never have a weekend getaway with girlfriends any time soon!

Then:Drinking for hours with your girfriends.

Now:  (Again, insert pajamas) Texting a picture of the one glass of wine you’re having because it’ll put you to sleep in 5 minutes!

Then:  Being able to show up to the pool party with just your swimsuit and towel.

Now:  Playing a game of Tetris as you pack the trunk of your car with floaties, snacks (for all of the kids present because Mom is basically a word for free buffet at this point), 2 sets of dry clothes for each kid, at least 1 extra towel for the one that will soon hate that they have a wet one, enough sunscreen to coat an army, hats, goggles, swim shoes, more snacks because you’ll realize you didn’t pack enough, another swim suit because just like the towel one will complain that theirs is too itchy when it’s been wet a while but still wants to stay at the pool, beach towels, toys, sprayers, balls, noodles…why did we think a pool party was a good idea again?!

Then:  Dinner out with friends meant going to a place that didn’t even offer a kids menu and your shoes didn’t stick to the floor.

Now:  Dinner out with friends means eating at a place that is ok with looking as if it should be condemned by the end of the meal with the amount of napkins piled on the table and the same amount of food and drink they served you now all over the floor!

and last but not least:

Then: You have left at least one girlfriend party night with puke all over yourself.

Now:  You have left at least one family/friend party with puke all over yourself!

I guess in the end, some things never change!!

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