Naps for Adults…Yasssssss!

I got a nap in today…and it was everything I thought it could be!

I would like to do it again. And again.

Sometimes just 20 minutes of rest is all it takes to feel like a completely different person.

Like, I’m talking transforming from a moody and crabby Cruella de Ville into a sweet and charming fairy princess who is ready to sing to you and bake you cupcakes, or an athlete ready to run a PR marathon or an artist ready to paint the most masterful piece you’ve ever seen. That kind of transformation.

Oh yeah, baby, I love me a good nap and I have zero guilt in revealing I do it from time to time, because I know it is therapeutic and that I won’t always have that option down the road. The time is now, and I’m ready, my bed is ready, my pillow is ready and my dog is ready because like me, he shares an ardent, passionate and indomitable love for sleep.

Anyway, friends sometimes tease me or try to make me feel guilty for taking naps: “Gee, it sure must be nice to have time to do that.”

Well, yep, I couldn’t agree more! It sure is!

If my stay-at-home mom status makes people think I do nothing to deserve a quickie (a nap quickie, no gutter talk here, tee hee), then they clearly do not comprehend all the beautifully awful and wonderfully draining and truly delightful parts of stay-at-home mommyhood. And that’s ok, because I know all that I do day in and day out, and I also know I can be a better mom and a nicer person if I get a quick nap in when my mind and/or body is telling me it needs one.

The wheels spinning in their head, and wistful thoughts of also eventually achieving naptime bliss, others ask me in a nice, yet serious, lower tone of voice, “So how do you do that?”

I know it comes from a good place; a curious, not necessarily judgmental, place.

“I simply make time for it,” I announce with a big smile and jittery excitement. “It’s magical!”

Now I usually time my mini naps for when my son, who is almost five, goes down for his. Or when he is at preschool. But even before I had him, while I was pregnant, I would nap under my desk at work during my lunch break. I sauntered across the room to shut off the lights, set my alarm clock, pushed my chair out of the way, curled up under my desk and draped my comfy fleece blanket over me and my prego belly…then snoozed for a glorious 20 minutes. I didn’t see anything in the teacher handbook that said this was not acceptable. It’s like Hamlet or someone said, and I quote: “If recharging my battery is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!” Hee hee. Ok, so that’s definitely not anybody’s quote but mine. Regardless, that nap made me much more pleasant and enthusiastic for the second half of the day!

Anyway, soon naps might be more sporadic, or possibly a distant memory for me, as my son starts kindergarten in the fall. So that also means I will be back to work full time. Yaaaaay, but boooooo, but yay? It’s a love/hate situation brewing in my mind; it’s also a whole other blog topic, and definitely not as fun as talking about sweet, sweet sleep, so I will get back to amazing thoughts of being snuggled up with my dog under the covers.

Let’s think about this for a minute: Why should kids get all the nap glory? Sometimes they resist and resist, and I’m like just DOOOO ITTTTTT, it’s the best! Us adults so want to be you right now, you little, adorable, nap-resisting stinkers! Pulling an “all-dayer” can be tough for us adults, right? Right?!

If my body came with instructions, I am sure they would say: Please rub my feet, clean my house and, for all that’s holy, let me take a nap! 

If I have the chance for leisure time while my son sleeps, I’d much rather sleep than read or clean or watch TV. It might be sad, for example, but I really didn’t care about watching the Winter Olympics after day one. The first day it was all like, “Oooooooohhh,,, aaaahhhhhh, look at their sophisticated grace and physique and powerful athleticism on the ice!” But by day #2, I was like, “Ugh, curling is so boring” and “Oh my gosh, you can’t do a triple salchow after a triple lutz, what are you guys thinking?!”) Yep, definitely would rather sleep.

Ok, so sure, instead of napping I should probably vacuum (again), tackle more laundry (gag) or do something productive, but I feel like I’m always on the go and always doing something, that it’s so wonderfully magically delicious to do NOTHING. I get up each day before 5 a.m., and I’m sure those in the same boat would agree that such an early wake-up time can really catch up to ya and take a toll! Plus, there is always going to be something to clean or pick up or organize or whatever; it will still be there whether you nap or not. So, I declare a new Carpe diem: Seize the nap! (Brilliant, right? That should really be on a t-shirt or something, and I would totally wear it proudly. As I nap.)

Yet, let me clarify something and be the first (ok, I am sure I am not the first) to advocate that taking a nap is NOT nothing…it is definitely something; it’s healthy, it can rejuvenate you and inevitably make you feel like an improved version of yourself. Ultimately, it can also allow you to be better to others, to your kids, to your spouse, to YOURSELF. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters? We live in such a “Go, go, go” and “More, more, more” society that we need to remind ourselves it is ok to take a break sometimes.

All the time you hear people saying we need to “make time for ourselves” and “be good to ourselves,” well, this is IT! I don’t really agree with those hashtags that say #coffeeislife or whatever…undoubtedly, in my opinion, naps are life. Oops, I mean, #napsarelife

There are the good, long drooly naps that truly let you know you did it right.

There are the quick naps that you wake up kind of groggy and disappointed, yet still grateful you got something in.

There are the naps where you really couldn’t shut your mind off, but at least you got to lay there and close your eyes and try to put your mind at ease.

And finally, there are the naps where you wake up feeling like whatever you were pissed off at, whatever was plaguing your mind, whatever little irritants had entered your world earlier…POOF! They are either gone, faded away or do not seem as big as they did earlier.

I saw a fortune cookie paper once: “If you love someone, let them nap.” I second that! And, I don’t know about you, but this blog has really inspired me to take a nap. I’m hoping it’s a good drooly one, but let’s face it, I’ll probably wake up violently with my son’s elbow in  my eye and my dog’s body draped across my feet. Aaaahhh, co-sleeping: A totally different topic I’ve already blogged about, and by the way, is probably part of why I crave naps all the time because I never get a full night of sleep with the secret co-sleeping circus in my bed…

Regardless, sweet dreams, everyone. Seize the nap!

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