27 Things You Must Do {to stay sane in motherhood}

In response to Lauren’s inspiring 27 Things You Don’t Have to Do post back in January, here are 27 things you must do as a mother to keep some of that sanity:

  1. Take the nap. You’re tired. You deserve it. Plus, it’s a scientific fact that moms need more sleep than dads.
  2. Take time for yourself and your own hobbies.
  3. Stay late at work when you need to and don’t feel guilty about it. Your career is just as important as your partner’s.
  4. Make time for your relationship.
  5. Say no to the Pinterest treat bags for every class party.
  6. Say no to any volunteering you truly don’t want to do. No one can throw you in jail for saying no.
  7. Treat yo self. Buy the earrings or the blouse or the shoes or the jacket or the whole damn outfit. Treat yo self to the coffee or the lunch out.
  8. Let the clean laundry sit in baskets.
  9. Let the kids indulge in treats. They’re going to go to college someday and live off ramen and cheap beer anyways.
  10. Go to the doctor. Don’t skip appointments for yourself. You’re important. Your health is important.
  11. Play with the kids at the playground. Swing from those swings and slide down those slides.
  12. Let the kids zone out on Paw Patrol while you mindlessly scroll through your phone or color. 
  13. Cry, laugh, get mad. Be passionate. Feel. Embrace your feelings. Let them wash over you. And let go of the ones that no longer serve you. 
  14. Stop feeling guilty about pizza nights.
  15. Let your kids figure things out for themselves sometimes.
  16. Go to bed early.
  17. Sleep in.
  18. Know your worth.
  19. Fight for your kids.
  20. Fight for your partner.
  21. Fight for you.
  22. Change and grow.
  23. Love those stretch marks and scars. They have made you who you are today. And you are wonderful and beautiful. 
  24. Listen to the music you want to listen to in the car.
  25. Watch the TV shows and movies you want to watch.
  26. Let go of the jealousy.
  27. Let go of the keeping up with the Joneses. Life is not a competition. 


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One Response to 27 Things You Must Do {to stay sane in motherhood}

  1. Lauren March 15, 2017 at 1:09 pm #

    This is SO GREAT, Sam! I heart you, girl. Love your response to my piece. We make a pretty good team, no?

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