Breaking Our Linus


Thumb-sucking, blanket carrying — the struggle is real!

My daughter is turning 4 in October, and we have a real live Linus on our hands. She affectionately has named her blanket Mine-o, as in “this is MINE – NO, do not touch!”  I thought it would work itself out if we didn’t draw too much attention to it. We have tried to take the blanket away, giving it  to her only for sleeping, but somehow this girl  always seems to have a way of getting it back. She carries it everywhere; it may seem funny until you realize purple blankey is in all her photos – she’s literally attached to this thing.


We have tried all sorts of usual tricks to get her to stop but she is head strong and apparently more determined than her parents! It’s getting out of control. During our last trip to the dentist it became clear they have started to be concerned about her teeth and if so we are now on a mission to start the process of no more Mine-o.

Please share your tips/ideas and struggles with taking away your child’s  lovey away or getting them to stop the thumb-sucking. We will update you on our progression, hopefully there is some!


Wish us luck!


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