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I Gave Up Daycare for Spanish – Let’s See How This Goes

I struggled with the decision of keeping my baby in daycare or seeking out alternative care. First let me say how much I adore our current daycare. They have shown my baby so much love and taught me, a first-time mommy, so much about motherhood. Disclaimer: I recognize how utterly ridiculous I am What Kind […]

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So You Want to Homeschool? Encouragement for the Beginning Homeschool Mama

There are infinite reasons to homeschool, each reason personal and specific to the family venturing down the homeschooling path. Some of us choose it for religious or spiritual reasons, some because traditional public school isn’t working for our child, others choose it for the freedom and ease of travel with kiddos, or because we just […]

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My Kid Refuses to Potty at School

My family is currently weathering a season of big change. This winter will bring a new baby brother or sister for our 3.5-year-old daughter, and she’s three weeks into transitioning from a relaxed in-home daycare to a structured preschool. She’s been attending full-time daycare since she was three months old, so I wasn’t expecting the […]

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Back to School Brown Bag Ideas

Written Arin Rohr Schellenburg and Kristi Howard-Schultz This summer, my oldest started summer camp.  We were excited –swimming every day, no naps, popsicles as snacks! What’s not to love?  Then I found out that we had to pack a lunch every day. On the one hand, I was excited about this.  We don’t have that […]

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5 Ways To Kick The Stress This School Year

We all the know the feeling. You’re minding your sweet, summer-lovin’ business, cruising through Target to refill on sunscreen and popsicles. When suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see it. Your heart rate picks up a little as your mind scrambles to place the date. What?! How is this happening already? You ask […]

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