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Books to Read for Black History Month

February is Black History Month. This is a month that pays tribute to African American men and women from the past and the present in history, science, politics, journalism, art, and many other areas. I want to take this opportunity to recommend some books to read for Black History Month for both kids and adults. […]

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We’re All a Little B-Word…

Yes, you heard me right, you are… biased (C’mon, what b-word did you think I was referring to?!) I am biased. You are biased. We are all biased. Historically, and evolutionarily speaking, our implicit or unconscious biases developed from the basic human need to survive. Back in the day when our prehistoric brothers and sisters […]

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Let’s Talk About Race

Trigger Warning: racism, maternal mortality Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Civil Rights hero. He is a modern-day legend, remembered for his messages of love, of working toward a peaceful revolution against injustice. Because there is a focus of remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. for his message of peace, the tensions that formed the message, [...]
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