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Finding Winter’s Wisdom: a California Mama’s Perspective

As a Southern California kid, the perpetual spring weather I grew up with as my only frame of reference did not prepare me for the bitter truth of Indy’s shifting seasons and temperatures. Especially winter. That’s right, winter… I’m calling you out. The chilliness and isolation is no joke, mamas. I spent the first few winters […]

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There are some things that should never be said to a pregnant woman.

A strange social phenomenon happens when a woman becomes pregnant. It may start when she announces her pregnancy, but it becomes ever more prevalent as the baby (and thus, the mama) grows. Suddenly, all the conventional rules of tact and sensitivity fly out the window, there is no such thing as a stranger, and everyone […]

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Snow Day!

Don’t you all just love a good snow day?! I was born and raised in Greenwood. Growing up I remember on snowy days they would joke on the radio that the only places open were the local Village Pantry and Greenwood Schools. I am no stranger to snow.  When my husband, John, and I met […]

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Another School Shooting

As I begin my day at work by reviewing the State Police training on active shooter drills, I cannot help but feel disheartened.  The news in Florida last night is shocking and yet all too familiar.  For my entire career, I have worked in a school or school-adjacent environment. Over the last six years, I […]

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After another school shooting, if not now, when?

Another senseless tragedy. That’s exactly what it is. I can’t describe the latest school shooting in any other way. However as I sit here and read through the countless articles on the heroes, victims and shooter I can’t seem to calm my anger and also fear. My son is 2 years old. Not yet old […]

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5 Reasons to Watch the Winter Games!

It’s not too late. While we are almost half way through this year’s Winter Games, it’s not too late to dig in and support the USA! I love these contests. I can remember growing up and watching each and every night. In those pre-DVR days we would even “tape” the events we wanted so we […]

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Misconceptions About Stay at Home Moms You Haven’t Heard

When I first became a stay at home mom, I did a lot of reading about what the transition may be like. While reading, I discovered there were plenty of stay at home mom stereotypes that were easily and often debunked. For example, not all stay at home moms are trouncing around Target sipping Starbucks […]

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