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A Letter to My Thirtysomething Valentine

Dear Thirtysomething Valentine, On this, our 17th Valentines Day, I still love you like I did then.  I remember our first ever Valentine’s Day, head over heels in love. Just freshman in college wrapped up in each other. I planned the perfect dress, the perfect card, hair and makeup to absolute perfection. We wined and […]

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The Traveling Husband

Alright, mommas, I am going to get super real here and be blatantly honest about my marriage with a traveling husband. We all acknowledge that marriage is hard. Adding children to a marriage absolutely makes it more difficult. When you add a husband that is in and out of the house for days or weeks […]

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Support Systems: Quality Vs. Quantity

So, as I sit here and type this, currently in Trimester #4.  During this time, as many of you know, it is filled with ups and downs. Trying to figure out not only how to keep this tiny human alive, but to also take care of myself post-delivery. When these type of life events happen, […]

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Seasons of Friendships

It was a crisp, fall afternoon, my dad and I were walking our usual route around the neighborhood when I asked him why we weren’t seeing certain family friends as often as we once did. He told me, among many different reasons, that sometimes friendships only last a season. My 13-year-old mind had a hard […]

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Wife to a Type 1 Diabetic: My Husband’s Roller Coaster Ride and My Reality Check

Most mornings when I wake up, I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep (or a wiggly five-year-old with his feet in my face). Most mornings my husband has already given himself three shots of insulin in his side abdomen and possibly experienced out-of-body experiences, and numbing of his feet. Experiences only he and others with Type […]

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