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What Truly Matters

Breastfeeding is one of those terms that almost everyone (male or female) are familiar with. While everyone knows what the term means, not everyone feels the same about it. Some are devoutly pro-breastfeeding, a smaller percentage may be anti-breastfeeding, and some people are just plain offended by it (insert eye roll), or on the fence […]

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Baby is awake. Tired mom sleeping and embracing her little adorable kid who is already wake up, panorama

When a Baby Needs Mental Health Treatment

Most of my career has been devoted to play therapy and the mental health treatment of children ages 0-5-with a particular focus on trauma. When I tell people this they often understand the play therapy and trauma piece but act quite surprised at the 0-5 aspect. In fact, I even had a mental health professional […]

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The Day I Said Yes to Therapy

Mamas, we have all been there.  Maybe you are in this space at this very moment. You feel the weight of life pressing on your shoulders? Your positive energy is actually anxiety? You exhaust yourself not only solving your problems, but also absorb the problems of everyone else? You feel stuck? You are emotionally exhausted? Have you ever […]

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The Journey of the Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder. In 12 years of teaching, I’ve heard this word truly thousands of times over. From strategizing for a student, to special education IEP meetings with parents, to professional development meetings on ideas to help kiddos. However, the last five months have shown a side to ASD I never imagined nor could have […]

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