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Making Room for Margins

A recent Sunday sermon really stuck with me. It was the first of a series called Margins: Making Room for What Matters and discussed how we often wear busyness like a badge of honor, leaving no margins for the things and people that matter most. Does that sound familiar? For me, I have crammed my […]

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When Your Heart Needs Time to Catch Up

Did you know you can get pregnant like 2.3 seconds after a miscarriage while you’re still sad and overwhelmed and grieving? Yeah…. well, apparently you can. And when that happens, you may have feelings other than abundant joy and excitement. Or you may have no feelings at all for a long time, which just makes […]

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Craving Silence

The sound of silence. I crave it. I need it. I miss it. There is growth and purity in silence. As a busy mom, teacher, wife, and personal growth seeker, silence has gone to the level of extinction. The norm is noisy, and I’m craving silence. We create time to provide our children with naps […]

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Shhhhh… Mommy has a Migraine

My head was throbbing, and I felt like I could blow chunks at any moment. More than anything, I wanted to crawl into bed with the covers over my head and disappear. But I couldn’t because two pairs of beautiful eyes were staring at me, filled with all of the needs and wants for the […]

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Essential Oils- Myths and Realities

A few short years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at a post like this. Essential oils? Yeah, right, nooo thanks. I kick myself now when I think back to the many times I turned down my own mother who kept happily using her own oils and waiting for me to come around. Essential […]

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The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Diet

Eating for energy. Learn to make sustainable food choices that fuel your body and the planet!  Sustainable food items improve the quality of life, age, illness and ensures the safety of our families and our planet. Educating ourselves on this will allow us to understand food consumption. The choices made about what food we consume, how it […]

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