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“Were We Ready for This?”: Welcoming Our Third Child (Birth Story Series)

I’ve always been a planner. But when it came to family and having kids, my planning never worked. My husband and I had talked about having three children, but it was never set in stone. Our second child, Lola, had just turned one so there was no rush to add a third child just yet. […]

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3 Under 3: Sorry I’m Not Sorry

When I first found out I was pregnant with this current baby, I texted a couple friends pictures of the test–very sincerely thinking they were going to tell me nothing was there. Instead the responses I got were (hilariously, in retrospect): “Are you okay?” “…Congratulations?” I was so embarrassed for having gotten pregnant again, so […]

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To My Middle Child

Don’t worry, I see you there. Craning your neck to see what your big brother is doing, while I kick my swollen feet onto the ottoman. I hear you squeal–with glee, frustration, hunger–and realize that by the time your brother was this age, he had mastered three baby signs. I hear you talk to yourself in your […]

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Close to Home

When I was six, I convinced my little brother to join my club.  For his contribution of nine dollars, he could be vice-president, while I was president, secretary, and treasurer.  Even though I only contributed a dollar myself, as the treasurer, it was my responsibility to ensure our money was spent in an appropriate manner, […]

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