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I Just Met You

Baby Girl, I Just Met You

Have you seen the viral video of the latest Michael Buble song? If you haven’t, grab the tissues. Know that you’ve been warned. If you’re strong enough to hold out, just don’t watch it. I caved last week and quickly dissolved into a pile of mush. Of all the times to listen to this song, […]

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A Letter to My Son’s Birthmom

Dear Birth Mom, Where do I begin? You are the bravest woman I will ever have the honor of knowing, no doubt. When I think of strength, compassion, selfless love, and bravery…I will always think of you first. When I look into my son’s big brown eyes, I see you. The beautiful you. You had choices in […]

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Tasking Toddler Cooking

Tasking Your Toddler

The thirty minutes between when I get home from work, with my toddler in tow, and the minute I set her plate of food down for her to eat is pure pandemonium. The balancing act of carrying in laptop bags, diaper bags, lunch bags, take home from daycare bags, grocery bags, and a toddler too […]

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We Don’t Go to Church…

There is no specific, single answer to the question, “Why haven’t we started going to church yet?” We don’t go to church. A whole lotta layers to this onion. And at the end of the day, well, they all kinda seem like excuses. Dear God, it’s me, the inquisitive thinker who wants to come to […]

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The Hell that is a Chronically Constipated Child

If you have never struggled with a child who refuses to willingly poop, be grateful. Be SO grateful. And if you HAVE struggled with a constipated child, then this post is for you. If you’re not into hearing about poop, I don’t advise reading this post (or having a child, actually, because kids and poop […]

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The Year of the Threenager

Pre-children, when my husband and I were still in our getting a solid 10+ hours of sleep phase, we wanted four kids, minimum. Preferably five. We even had names picked out. Less than two and a half years into our marriage, we found out I was pregnant. We were ECSTATIC. On cloud nine. So in love. […]

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