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A Parent’s Priorities

Today he apologized for being sick and causing me to miss work. I had to think about that for a minute. What message am I conveying about my priorities? I won’t lie and say that I haven’t encouraged him to tough it out before because 4 sick days + 2 kids + 1 parent -12 […]

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heart of a volunteer

The Heart of a Volunteer

As the holiday season approaches and my child has moments of disrespect, I think to myself, “I should teach my daughter respect by teaching her volunteerism.” My daughter does not get everything she wants, nor does she get something every time we go into a store. We are blessed to have friends and family that […]

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Give Yourself Some Dang Grace!

Ladies, mamas, why are we so hard on ourselves? Let me tell ya, I have learned some lessons over these last two years since I had my son, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to give myself some grace. Pre-kiddo, I never thought about my mental health and how motherhood would end up changing […]

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Good Grief, Here Come the Holidays

The holidays are stressful for everyone. All the things need to be done, people are biding for your time, there are too many of other people’s kids, and not near enough wine. It’s exhausting, and it’s enough to make anyone want to throw themselves into a Yule log. Despite all this, most people freaking love […]

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Naptime Refusal

The End is Near: Naptime Refusal

On Saturday afternoons, if we have no plans, my son and husband usually take a long nap together on my son’s bedroom floor. They lay out their blankets and pillows like they are camping inside of the house. I love peeking into the room to hear my husband snoring loudly and to see my son […]

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Photo Credit: Abbey Evans

National Adoption Month: My Truth

Adoption is complicated, heartbreaking, life-changing, beautiful, tragic, and amazing. Three years after we adopted our youngest, I still feel all of these emotions every day. Adoption is Complicated The truth: I struggle with the concept of National Adoption Month. It is beautiful to uplift the concept of adoption, but our daughter’s celebration of joining our […]

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mom heart

Mom Brain, Mom Heart

I hate those comments about how everything’s different after you have kids. “Kids change everything!” “Nothing will ever be the same!” “Oh, *that random thing* will never happen again once you have kids.” Those people, however nice they may be, make me roll my eyes so hard my mother would have told me they’d get […]

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