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My Pregnancy Announcement: Part II

When I found out I was pregnant, my Mom found out she had endometrial cancer. I was a first-time mom full of hope and surprise. I was also full of anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’m going to be a mom?!  My pregnancy announcement was surreal. My own mom’s diagnosis propelled the anxiety and […]

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Xennials – The Lost Generation

Recently I read an article on USAtoday.com written by Ryan Miller and contributed to by our own Dwight Adams of the Indy Star.  The piece titled, Are you a Xennial? How to tell if you’re the microgeneration between Gen X and Millennial, looks at the contrast between generations and how to know where you fit. […]

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Being A Mom Made Me a Homebody

Before I had kids, I was always on the go. I was very much a busybody; I always had to be doing something, planning something, or waiting for the next event to happen. I didn’t have “free time” because whenever I did, I would fill it constantly. I didn’t know how to sit down and […]

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family chaos

How Did I Get Here?

Come with me on this. Grab a coffee and relax. Picture yourself at 15. You just created your finest game of MASH known to man. Will you end up with a Hanson brother or maybe Adam Levine? Here comes your fate, except for a brief second you can see your future- it’s right there – […]

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The Last Pregnancy

The Last Pregnancy

Baby #3. It seems like just a few weeks ago, I looked down at those two pink lines and couldn’t believe my luck. Party of 5, my dream coming true. There I was, 4 weeks pregnant and ready to do it all again one more time. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing that […]

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Imperfect Me

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? I see my biggest critic looking right square at me. I don’t like my body. Never have, and if I’m being raw, I’m not sure I will ever find comfort in my own skin. This is not a new battle for me. Perceptions of my body image started as […]

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A Stay-At-Home-Feminist

We’re all feminists, right? We believe all people should be treated equally regardless of sex. But, can you stay at home to care for your children while financially relying on your spouse and still consider yourself a feminist? This is the conundrum that began plaguing my mind when I decided to quit my job and […]

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Casolaro Family 2019

The Closet Hot Mess Mom

  Sometime after my twin daughters were born in November of 2014, a switch flipped for me. Before their arrival I couldn’t care less about leaving the house without makeup or venturing out in some sorry excuse for athleisure but after their arrival, there was a sudden intrinsic need to be presentable. Actually, I needed […]

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2020: The Year of Me

For the last however many years, I’ve tried to play along to make New Year’s Resolutions, to be able to share it all over social media to hold myself accountable and really put out there that I am doing something to better myself for next year. “I’ll lose weight in 2017.” “I’ll be more financially […]

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Let’s Read – it’s National Book Month!

As a busy parent, indulging in a book for pleasure may seem like a far-fetched luxury. Often times, we envision reading as being something that we can only do under perfect conditions. Perhaps a childless vacation, on a lounge chair in the sand. Maybe a cozy chair holding a nice hot cup of coffee or […]

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blank slate

A No-Resolution New Year

On December 31st, I mindlessly scrolled through image after image of people’s New Year’s resolutions and inspiring messages for the new year on social media. Or at least, they were supposed to be inspiring. Reading them myself, I felt indifferent. When I came across a post that claimed the way you feel and what you […]

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Trying to Conceive

I was stalking someone online or mindlessly scrolling Instagram by the glow of the moon in bed one night the first time I came across the acronym TTC. A google search later, I learned that there was an entire ‘Trying to Conceive’ community, and honestly, it felt like the internet was wrapping me in a […]

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