In the Past Year

children-1217246_1920In the past year, my life has been forever, wholly, amazingly changed.

In the past year, I’ve cried more tears than in the previous ten years combined, but many of those were tears of joy, and even more were hormone-induced.

In the past year, I’ve discovered a new layer to myself. My deepest layer. If I didn’t know it existed, I wouldn’t miss it, but now that it’s here I wonder how I could have very gone without.

In the past year, I’ve learned what it feels like to love a child. Yes, this is a new feeling, unlike any other love.

In the past year, I have probably made Google executives consider charging money per search. And I’ve also reeled in my desire to Google every question that crosses my mind.

In the past year, I have slept only a little, but thought about sleep a lot.

In the past year, I’ve re-prioritized for the final time. While what I spend my time doing may change, my top priorities never will.

In the past year, I’ve fallen even deeper in love with my husband, despite thinking it wasn’t possible.

In the past year, I’ve been peed on, but only a couple of times.

In the past year, I’ve cheered aloud for movements as small as a raised arm or curled up corners to a mouth. I never knew such small motions could make my heart swell with such big pride.

In the past year, I’ve smiled and laughed alongside my son. It’s been the most priceless gift.


It’s been the best year.

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