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The Romance is Never Dead

This year, my husband and I will have been married for 25 years. We’ve been together since 1990. (Some of you reading this may not have even been born in 1990 – yikes!) When we were dating and for the first few years of our marriage, we did a lot of the sappy stuff you […]

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Hallmark Movie Life Lessons

I admit it – I am addicted to Hallmark movies. My DVR is full of these wonderful little flicks year-round. Yes, I realize that each one follows a very specific formula, and you usually know exactly what is going to happen within the first five minutes of watching but I still can’t stop watching. Recently […]

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So Long Santa…

The day has finally come, one I have been both looking forward to and dreading for years. The last of my children now understands the whole “truth” about Santa, and all other magical home invading beings as well, like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Elf on the Shelf, and the Dishwashing Gnome (ok, […]

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Next Generation Milestones

I remember so well all the big milestones my children hit when they were young – first words, first steps, crawling, rolling over, catching a ball, first lost tooth, the usual. But all my children will be teenagers or adults as of this year. My “baby” will likely be taller than me in a year […]

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What’s in a Name

When I got married right after college, I immediately started a teaching job in a preschool program. At the time, they gave the teachers the choice of what they would like to be called by the students, whether they should primarily use our first or last name. Several of the teachers went by “Miss Lisa” […]

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One Size Fits Some Education

I have completely lost my mind. I do have a good excuse though, I swear. As of the start of 2017, I will have six children attending six different schools. My children’s education in the past few months has become my primary focus in a way it has rarely been before. When I was growing […]

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Girlfriends are a Girl’s Best Friend

I am an extraordinarily lucky woman in that my husband is one of my absolute best friends. But there are times in every woman’s life when she must decompress to another set of double x chromosomes. My husband is very attuned to women as he is an OB/GYN. But there is a big difference between […]

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Confessions of a Christmas Movie Addict

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, and I am no exception. Even though I could probably recite most of the film from memory, every year, with glee in my heart, I watch “A Christmas Story.” As much as I love this movie, however, it is not enough alone to get me through the Christmas season. […]

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Gratitude: Thanks from a Grateful Mom

Gratitude isn’t always easy to come by. I try very hard to be a good mom, to be tough but fair, teach my children right from wrong. I sometimes feel like I have to handle everything the world throws at me completely by myself. But, I have been realizing, lately, how so many people have […]

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