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Throw Perfection Out the Window

Before kids, I left the house showered with my hair and makeup complete, house picked up in case a neighbor stopped by, and dinner was prepped and ready to be cooked.  Now, as a mother of a busy 1-year-old, my life doesn’t quite look the same. Yet, I still have the need and desire to […]

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Hey Scientist! Clone Me!

Does anyone out there have an extra scientist just laying around that I could borrow to clone myself?  As moms, we are pulled in about 1,000 different directions throughout the day.  Wouldn’t it make life just a little more manageable if we could clone ourselves about 15 times? Did I say 15? I mean 50.  […]

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City Mom Raising a City Baby

Well, I guess my title is a little untrue given I grew up in rural Indiana and rarely stepped foot into the “big city”.  I am talking straight up, small town. I graduated with only 45 people in my class, so moving to Downtown Indianapolis was a bit of a shock for me. I remember […]

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