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Shhhhh… Mommy has a Migraine

My head was throbbing, and I felt like I could blow chunks at any moment. More than anything, I wanted to crawl into bed with the covers over my head and disappear. But I couldn’t because two pairs of beautiful eyes were staring at me, filled with all of the needs and wants for the […]

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Walk this Way: How to Celebrate National Walk to Work Day When you Have a Long Commute

“Mrs. Demmings! Mrs. Demmings! I saw you walking to work today.” I nodded in agreement, knowing full well only he saw me walking from my car to the front door. “Sure, sweetheart,” I hurriedly said, dismissing him. My principal had announced that it was National Walk to Work Day and this darling was desperately trying […]

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Bridging the Age Gap: Raising Siblings to Be Close Even When Their Ages Aren’t

Let’s face it; some people are just obnoxious. They come in many forms: strangers on the street, coworkers, family members and sometimes friends. Their cringe-worthy comments have followed me throughout the stages of my life. While divorced: “Oh my gosh, I could never be a single mom! Kudos to you!” While re-married and pregnant: “You’re […]

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