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The Magic of Ordinary

One of my go-to movies is, The Magic of Ordinary Days, based off the book by Ann Howard Creel and made into a Hallmark movie. I believe, we all have that movie we like to watch when we just want to be mopey, have a good cry or just want to have a feel-good moment. […]

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We Love Blippi!

We love Blippi! This charismatic YouTube personality has helped and engaged our son with his orange glasses and suspenders, his dance moves and entertaining educational topics. I have always been uneasy about allowing time for our son to immerse himself in digital media (iPad, AppleTV, PrimeVideo), but after seeing subjects, I find uninteresting, pop up, […]

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#FLIPTHESCRIPT: National Infertility Awareness Week

This week , April 22 –  28, 2018 is National Infertility Awareness Week. This year NIAW is attempting to #FliptheScript, educating and bringing awareness of infertility issues. Check out this link to find out more about their mission in changing the conversation about infertility. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association has been an advocate for those […]

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The reason I stay at home, my little man Damon. Photo by Sarah Lu Photography

I’m SAHM Lonely

Life as a SAHM Life as a Stay at Home Mom or SAHM is not glamorous and is often times lonely. For an introverted mother, such as me, it has been a lonely couple of years staying home with my son. He is awesome and amazing, but he lacks life experience and conversation skills to […]

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hugging couple

The Power of a Hug

I consider myself a hugger, but I am not always surrounded by fellow huggers. I love hugs! Olaf and I are kindred spirits that way. The small kindness of a hug can show affection, comfort a tender heart and rejuvenate a soul. A hug to a fellow mom is a silent message that tells them, “I […]

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