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mom heart

Mom Brain, Mom Heart

I hate those comments about how everything’s different after you have kids. “Kids change everything!” “Nothing will ever be the same!” “Oh, *that random thing* will never happen again once you have kids.” Those people, however nice they may be, make me roll my eyes so hard my mother would have told me they’d get […]

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couple with candle

The M Word

“It happens to about 1 in every 5 pregnancies, so if you know anyone with 2, 3, or 4 kids, chances are they’ve experienced it. We just don’t talk about it.” I was standing in my kitchen when my doctor gave me those numbers. My baby no longer had a heartbeat. At 11 weeks, I […]

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I Just Met You

Baby Girl, I Just Met You

Have you seen the viral video of the latest Michael Buble song? If you haven’t, grab the tissues. Know that you’ve been warned. If you’re strong enough to hold out, just don’t watch it. I caved last week and quickly dissolved into a pile of mush. Of all the times to listen to this song, […]

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summer chalk drawing

Letting Go of Summer

I sit on the sun-drenched chair, shielding my eyes with my hand. Water droplets run down the side of my glass, splashing onto the pavement. I breathe it all in. These are the moments I want to remember – the sun beating down, chasing us to the shady side of the yard, the hose spraying, […]

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clothing rack

I’m No Marie Kondo – The Reality of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo is everywhere. Her name has filled our social media feeds, our Netflix watchlists, bookstores, and local news reports on the influx of goods donation centers are receiving. I literally can’t go one day without hearing her name. Her organizing techniques, calm and happy mannerisms, and her desire to “tidy” have seeped into our […]

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learning as a second time mom

Learning as a Second Time Mom

When I had my first baby, I knew nothing. I did all the typical first-time mom things to prepare: read blogs and books, utilized our pediatrician office hours, asked friends, and learned everything I could. So when I was preparing for the arrival of our newest little one, I figured I had done this once […]

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