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When a Toddler Needs Momma Most

Lately, my little guy has been favoring his Daddy. Simply put, in his two-year-old mind, Dad is more fun than Mom. Reading my previous posts will detail the journey this has been for me.   At one point last week I was attempting to play ball with my son and husband when my son looked as […]

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Mom'in aint easy!

The Mom Shame Game

In April, the Indianapolis Mom’s Blog was asked to join a local TV station for a segment on mom shaming. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are one of the lucky ones. But usually, and unfortunately, most moms have experienced mom shaming in one form or another. For the segment, […]

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Writing is My Love Language

Writing is my love language. Always has been, always will be. Yes, I love a great, deep conversation in person, but write me a letter and I go weak in the knees. Unfortunately, these days writing is a lost art. A text, a gchat or even a snap chat all seem to come before a […]

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After another school shooting, if not now, when?

Another senseless tragedy. That’s exactly what it is. I can’t describe the latest school shooting in any other way. However as I sit here and read through the countless articles on the heroes, victims and shooter I can’t seem to calm my anger and also fear. My son is 2 years old. Not yet old […]

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5 Reasons to Watch the Winter Games!

It’s not too late. While we are almost half way through this year’s Winter Games, it’s not too late to dig in and support the USA! I love these contests. I can remember growing up and watching each and every night. In those pre-DVR days we would even “tape” the events we wanted so we […]

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No phones or computers!

The Lost Art of Silence

When was the last time you took a moment, in public or otherwise, to stop and take a look around in silence? No cell phone, no computer, no one else by your side. It’s a busy, stressful, complicated world out there and for me, it has been ages. A moment to myself in silence has […]

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This is not Dr. Sue, but you get the picture! :)

The Man Flu strikes again

The man flu.   Most of us have experienced it a time or two, whether it was our husband, partner, father, or maybe even your son complaining about being sick and just maybe exaggerating their illness.  It’s a common joke that the Man Flu is the most severe of all illnesses, but behind every joke, there […]

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Christmas is for the kids right?

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Mom Style

Christmas is coming.  December is upon us and the entire month will undoubtably fly by.  If you are anything like me you have already begun to play Christmas music at home and in the car.  I have my favorites like “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland”.  However, in my opinion there is always […]

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Mom life can often by a stressful one.

Sometimes Being a Mom is Hard

Sometimes being a mom is hard. I had one of those weeks this week.  We have all had one like this, and most of us have had a few. Work is stressful, my husband was out of town, kiddo got sick and I just felt like you couldn’t control a thing anymore. Doesn’t matter how […]

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