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Reading…I’ve Missed You.

There are few things I love more than picking up a new book. I have always been a “collector of books,” per se. I was the kid in school who would do my work as quickly as possible so that I could open up whatever I was reading at that moment. By sixth grade, I […]

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The Five: An Exercise in Gratitude

Last week my dear friend sent a message to a long-running group text reminding us that there were only 90 days left of the 2010s. It led to a discussion of goals, both personal and group-oriented, and it was suggested we try to focus on things we are thankful for each day. To be honest, […]

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The Weight We Carry

My morning had been horrendous. I had spent the majority of it fighting my toddlers to get ready. As we ran out the door I realized I had no lunch, the boys didn’t get their teeth brushed, and I didn’t have Bear’s glasses in hand…again. I quickly ran back into the house and searched high […]

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What Truly Matters

Breastfeeding is one of those terms that almost everyone (male or female) are familiar with. While everyone knows what the term means, not everyone feels the same about it. Some are devoutly pro-breastfeeding, a smaller percentage may be anti-breastfeeding, and some people are just plain offended by it (insert eye roll), or on the fence […]

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Make Some Memories

As a working mother, I typically feel like I am in a constant state of chaos. The hours that I have to devote to cleaning and organizing are few and far between. I have come to the realization that unless I am given one full day alone, in my house for a minimum of ten […]

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My Resolution: Being More Present

“Mommy, please put your phone up.” I froze. I had heard that statement many times from my husband. My husband has absolutely no social media. My husband who did not have an email address until we were married (honest to goodness true story). My husband who cannot stand how much time people spend staring at […]

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“That” Mom

If you are anything like me, there may be a stereotypical type of “mom” that you wish you were like. Maybe it’s a friend who seems to always have it together. Maybe it’s a co-worker who somehow juggles motherhood and a career with ease, or a mom in your child’s playgroup who is always on […]

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