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National Adoption Month: My Truth

Adoption is complicated, heartbreaking, life-changing, beautiful, tragic, and amazing. Three years after we adopted our youngest, I still feel all of these emotions every day. Adoption is Complicated The truth: I struggle with the concept of National Adoption Month. It is beautiful to uplift the concept of adoption, but our daughter’s celebration of joining our […]

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I Was Reported to Yelp

A Yelp Awakening I guess I am a little clueless as I did not realize a restaurant owner could report me to Yelp for my review. I found that out today when I got an email from Yelp. I am an avid user and don’t use it every day, but probably one day a week […]

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Food as Self-Care

I used to be proud that I didn’t take care of myself, that I always put my children and my husband first. I never valued the importance of food as self-care. If I didn’t eat breakfast until 10 or sometimes didn’t get a chance to eat until the afternoon, that was ok because I was […]

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The Traveling Husband

Alright, mommas, I am going to get super real here and be blatantly honest about my marriage with a traveling husband. We all acknowledge that marriage is hard. Adding children to a marriage absolutely makes it more difficult. When you add a husband that is in and out of the house for days or weeks […]

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