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Breaking Our Linus

Thumb-sucking, blanket carrying — the struggle is real! My daughter is turning 4 in October, and we have a real live Linus on our hands. She affectionately has named her blanket Mine-o, as in “this is MINE – NO, do not touch!”  I thought it would work itself out if we didn’t draw too much […]

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What Dads Don’t Say and What Moms Can Learn From Them

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I took some time to reflect on my personal experience with how differently my husband and I parent. Over the course of a week, I stopped to listen to all the things I say to my kids and all the things my husband doesn’t say.  I noticed what dads don’t say […]

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Wanna Play?

Anxiety of The After-School Playdate

I went to my first official school meeting this month in preparation for sending our soon-to-be 5-year-old off to Kindergarten in August. The introductory information meeting was for parents to start getting used to the basic surroundings, meet the principal, and get a feel for the process of sending their child off into the world. I was excited for the […]

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