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blank slate

A No-Resolution New Year

On December 31st, I mindlessly scrolled through image after image of people’s New Year’s resolutions and inspiring messages for the new year on social media. Or at least, they were supposed to be inspiring. Reading them myself, I felt indifferent. When I came across a post that claimed the way you feel and what you […]

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90s mom

I Wish I Was a Mom in the 90s

The majority of my early childhood happened in the 1990s. Fashion statements included stirrup pants, poofy bangs, and turtlenecks; smartphones were not yet a thing, and The Oregon Trail was one of the few things for which we needed a computer.  And while I never thought about parenting in the 90s, until I became a […]

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bottle feeding baby

You Don’t Have to Breastfeed

There I was, less than 24 hours after giving birth, breaking down in tears in my tiny hospital room bathroom. I wasn’t crying because I was in pain from childbirth, or even because of postpartum hormones. I was crying because breastfeeding wasn’t working. And I know, I know, it hadn’t even been a single day, […]

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sleeping child

I Miss Nap Time

When I became a mom, no one told me about the transition to no nap time. All of the books I read told me how to transition from four to three, to two, to one nap, but never no naps. I naively assumed that my kids would be napping until kindergarten because that’s what my […]

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woman on cell phone

Instagram Does Not Make Me a Better Parent

First things first. I like Instagram. It keeps me connected to out-of-state relatives and friends, provides me with a digital photo album of my family, and introduces me to new people and products that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Sometimes I start and end my day by scrolling through Instagram, and I don’t plan […]

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emily with baby

It’s Not About Me Anymore

When I became a mom, I was unaware of how much my life was about to change. I can still remember asking my doctor, in a delirious state after giving birth to my daughter, when I could work out again. My sister tells me that I also asked when I could go back to work. […]

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