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You’re Still Voting?!

Voting Is Behind Us…..Or Is It? The elections are behind us, and I’ll be honest – I won’t miss the ads on TV or the social media posts. After all, no matter what my position on any issue, even my most intelligent comment isn’t going to change someone else’s viewpoint. The truth, however, is that […]

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5 “Switch Witch” Swaps for a Healthier Halloween

Ah, the “holiday season.” To me, it seems to start with costumes and candy as Halloween approaches, and I know I’m not the only one! As a healthcare provider, however, I find that most people also think that the football and holiday seasons also seem to kick off “cold and flu” season, but this simply […]

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Little daughter applying sun cream to her mother nose

The Sunshine Insufficiency

Summer’s here and moms everywhere are wondering, “what’s the best sunscreen for my child?” After all, no one wants a child with a sunburn!  But you also don’t want to spray chemicals all over your kids which are potentially even more harmful. Below you’ll find three things to consider when it comes to sun exposure, […]

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12 Ways to Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

As moms, we’re often in charge of juggling all the house-hold duties and decisions when it comes to our family’s schedule, which becomes even more complicated during the holidays. We all know that holiday time can be magical. But this time of year often brings with it disrupted schedules, higher levels of stress, and less-than […]

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Let It Be Easy

I had my daughter a week before my 37th birthday – so I’m a little bit of an older first-time-mom. And maybe it’s with several years of business ownership, personal and professional development experience, big responsibilities and life lessons behind me that I’ve come to realize I have a less-than-typical perspective on life. For a  […]

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