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Turning an Ex Into Something Extraordinary: A Message to my Ex-husband’s Family

Divorce is awful. It’s not something people plan for or wish to endure. It’s a circumstance that involves broken dreams, heartache, and severed relationships. Divorce is the ending of a marriage but it dissolves more relationships than just that. In divorce, what happens to the “In-Laws” and the relatives you gain in marriage? Do you […]

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The Post-Pregnancy Body Blues and The Pressure to “Get it Back”

I’m four weeks post-baby and lately all I feel is pressure– the overwhelming pressure to “get it back.” The body, the energy, the charismatic spirit and ultimately everything that I was before our third baby arrived. Honestly, the pressure didn’t just arrive. I’ve felt it since the day I delivered my son. Immediately I looked into […]

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Taking the Time in a Hurried World

Today while leaving the Chick-fil-a drive-thru, I stopped and noticed a slow-moving grandmother with what I assumed were her daughter and granddaughters. I smiled politely and said, “Go ahead!” to which the younger woman responded “It might take us awhile!” with a stressed look on her face. I smiled and explained there was no hurry. […]

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