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National Family Literacy Month

Many moons ago, before I became the wiper of snotty noses and stinky butts, I was a wide-eyed college student majoring in English Literature. I truly believed that a liberal arts degree would make me a well-rounded and well-read individual that had employers beating down my door to hire. About that… What I was able […]

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Being Fulfilled. What If Being a SAHM Is All I’m Supposed to Do?

  I have always been a dreamer. I love a good goal setting session, a vision board, or just a few hours alone with my thoughts to spin myself an entirely new or improved life. Usually, that includes my professional future. I’ve been accepted to law school, applied to countless master’s programs, and currently receive […]

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Cinco de Mayo—What It Is(And Isn’t) and Where to Celebrate!

You’ve probably been celebrating Cinco de Mayo for years. Be honest—everyone loves a good excuse to down a few margaritas and that creamy queso dip! But, are you doing it correctly? And, do you even know why you’re celebrating at all? (Hint: it isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day) So, what IS Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de […]

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Can We Stop Scaring Pregnant Women Yet?

Sushi. Wine. Kitty Litter. Lunch meat. Runny eggs. Rare steak. Know this list? If you’ve been pregnant, you probably do. It’s just a few of the things pregnant women are advised against. While I’m not suggesting you ignore your doctor’s advice, I am curious as to why it seems medical advice is constantly trying to […]

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Indianapolis Winter Bucket List

Indianapolis Winter Bucket List

Santa and his reindeer have flown away, Elf On The Shelf has gone back into hiding, and your home may be strewn with new toys and wrapping paper, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put a stop the fun and hibernate. Indianapolis is full of family-friendly opportunities to capture just a little more of […]

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