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IKEA Dresser Hack

How many nights do you stay up far too late browsing Pinterest for hours? If you’re anything like me, the answer is every. single. night. Even after the kids are long asleep and I should be getting some much needed rest, I’m typically pinning my life away. Often times they are pins I’ll never do or pins that […]

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Pregnancy :: How Things Change the Second Time Around

I’m that person you probably hate. I love being pregnant! I feel better in my clothes (for the most part), and I have really easy pregnancies – no morning sickness, no major problems, etc. But, regardless of how much I may enjoy being pregnant, there’s no denying that there are some major differences this time around: 1. […]

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6 Tips forStyling

6 Tips for Styling Boys

As Easter approaches, I walk through the store and my eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful, colorful section of adorable girls’ dresses. Then, if I blink, I miss the tiny section of boys’ clothes. The options for dress clothes are usually khaki pants, a few neutral dress shirts, a brown belt, and if you’re […]

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